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 Words of encouragement from attendees....

This group is so well organized--more sturdy, dependable, and committed than any volunteer group, I've yet encountered. Its facilitators are very good--loving, well-trained and compassionate. Group members are wonderful. No one understands like they do. If you are a survivor of a loved one's suicide, please do yourself the monumental favor of self-healing through attending this group. I know it takes courage! Please take the step. You will heal. You will grow. And at some point, you will offer the same to others who suffer from this incredibly traumatizing experience. We love and embrace you!     Kent Madden, father

A review of our SOS peer-to-peer support group. Read about what one person gleaned from her experiences as part of our group.




I lost an adult son to suicide 1 ½ years ago. Losing a loved one to suicide cuts deeply into your heart and the grief and shock you experience are truly unbearable.

For many months I went to every week to a social worker and after 12 months I stopped because I realized the therapy wasn’t helping me.

I remember my brother who lives in Michigan telling me about a group he attended called NAMI
(National Alliance on Mental Illness).

I looked in the Albuquerque phone book and called the number for NAMI. I explained to the woman about my loss and told her I wanted and needed to join a grief group. She told me about SOS and that they met 2 Saturdays a month in the afternoon.

I went to the meeting not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. I was immediately greeted with heartfelt and sincere hugs because everyone in the group was walking on the same path as me. If I felt like talking about my loss, they listened without judgment and did not ask questions. If I did not want to talk that was okay too. I could let my guard down and cry and grieve openly which was very healthy and comforting because I knew I was not alone. I was with compassionate people.

I felt like I was “home and safe” and I was finally where I was supposed to be.

It is truly a blessing that I found SOS.


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